Our Fees

Longborough Membership is proving very popular with Longborough patients, giving them access to its many privileges including a 10% discount on all treatments (excluding specialist treatment).

We are delighted to be able to offer our health plan to all our new patients and the good news is - if you sign up when you join us you will qualify for a 50% discount on your initial consultation.

Schedule of Fees Private Membership
Diagnosis & Prevention
New Patient Consultation* (includes two X-rays)£60.00£30.00
Routine Consultation£54.00Complimentary
Radiographs (Small)From £16.00Complimentary
Hygiene VisitFrom £62.00Complimentary
Emergency ConsultationFrom 80.00Complimentary
AmalgamFrom £80.00£72.00
Composite (tooth coloured)From £110.00£99.00
Crown, Bridgework and Cosmetics
Crowns, Inlays and VeneersFrom £650.00£585.00
Tooth WhiteningFrom £500.00£450.00
Tooth Whitening (Home)From £340.00£306.00
Cosmetic facial enhancementFrom £260.00 for 2 areas
Implants (price on quotation)From £2400.00
One Denture in AcrylicFrom £745.00£670.50
One Partial Denture with metal frameworkFrom £1500.00£1350.00
ExtractionsFrom £110.00£100.00

* New patients who sign up to the Membership Scheme receive a 50% discount on their initial consultation